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Top Three Kids Games on Play Store ( Age 3-6 years)

Today every child loves to play games on phone but they used to play the games which their parents played which is not right so here in this post you fill find the list of top three games for your little ones.These are not only games but a new way to make them learn new things of our surroundings.

1.  Trip to the zoo for kids:- by Kids Games Projects

Your child’s intellect needs stimulation from the very beginning of life. Educational toys and aids that allow our little ones to fully utilize their natural desire to learn. When our children grow up and begin discovering the interesting world around them, it’s our job to help. I believe that this application will be very helpful.

The application called “Trip to the zoo for kids” presents various animals in a zoo. The game introduces various animals to the child (e.g. elephants, turtles, birds, dolphins and many others). The child leans what the animals eat, and how to fix a broken fence or tractor. This knowledge is acquired by performing actions in the right order, such as unscrewing a tractor wheel or washing and feeding animals.

The application has been designed to teach cause and effect. It stimulates the child’s senses through pictures, sounds and touch.

The application is intended for children 3 to 5 years old. My child is 6 years old and absolutely loves it. My child could learn about the world on those cloudy days when it’s not so easy to just go for a walk.

Download the game now

2. Kids Washing Clothes:- by  GameiMax

GameiMax has arrived with so wonderful game for kids called “Kids Washing Clothes.. Learn how to wash cloth in proper manner.

In this game include two main activities “Machine Wash” & “Hand Wash”. At the game start select one activity. In Machine activity first use different buckets to divide the white and colored clothes to wash. Put all colored cloths in washing machine, add washing powder and ON the machine. Dry all clothes outside after the wash.

In hand wash activity, soak the cloths in bucket fro few minutes, and then start to wash with detergent and Beater & water. After complete hand wash dry the cloths outside. After dry all clothes ironing all those cloths and fold properly.


Use different color buckets to divide the white and colored clothes to wash

Select and drag to place, apply, on/off etc.

Amazing graphics which enhance the gaming

Very smooth to play without any interruption

This game intentionally developed for kids to learn how to wash cloth. It’s really worth game for kids. Download it now It’s absolutely FREE!!!

Download the Game Now

3.  Kindergarten Math :- by INFINUT

This game should be at number one but its not free so here I gave it number three its only for rupees 330 so not a big deal when the thing is of our kids study.Although it have its free lite version also for a trial.

Kindergarten math is a set of 400 interactive exercises that teach mathematics to young kids. Kids learn counting, number recognition, sequences, addition and subtraction for numbers 1 to 20 in small fun exercises. It is useful for kids ages 4 to 7.

* 6 games to teach math basics
* Learn to recognize and order numbers
* Understand the meaning of plus and minus
* Hear explanations and hints in English
* Earn rewards for playing games
* No third-party ads and No data collection
The games are –
* Counting
Kids use their finger to move the right number of objects into the box.
* Sequences
Kids move numbers to complete the sequence.
* Mazes
Kids follow the given number with their finger to get the fish to the aquarium.
* Tens & Ones
Kids put 10 and 1 coins from given set in separate jars to total the number on the screen.
* Addition
Kids add objects to the box matching the first number. Then, add the second number of objects. Count the total number of objects to get the answer. This teaches the concept of addition.
* Subtraction
Kids add objects to the box matching the first number. Then, remove the second number of objects. Count the objects left to get the answer. This teaches the concept of subtraction.

Download the Game now

So give these games as a gift to your kids and see how fast they learn the things.

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