How To Plan Time For Loved Ones In Available Time

Finding time to connect with the people to whom you love or care will bring happiness to you also.People are very busy these days, they have many friends on Facebook but don’t have time to connect with them.Even they find it very difficult to like their post or comment.We always want to express our feelings but in the very next moment we forgot to do so.

Here are some tips that how to plan time for your loved ones in the time which you have.

1.If you have five minutes-If you have five minutes free only then send a small message to your loved ones,you can send messages with the availabe type of social media.We have many ways now to connect with someone in no time.

2.If you have ten minutes-Phone is included in the basic needs of a person in these days.So whenever you have ten minutes free in your busy schedule, call them.In this list Your parents,close friends or many other people can be included.

3.If You have one hour-One hour is more than enough to connect someone.You can make a list in your mind that how many close ones are there to connect.Send messages to some and make calls to some,according to your priorities.It will give you very satisfaction and happiness.

4.If you have three to four hours-If you have three/four hours as a free time in your hands,then make a plan of lunch or for a movie or anything else which you like and remember I am not talking about only about the friends,your family members are also a part of this.

5.If you have a full day-If you have full day,make a plan to meet those loved ones who need you badly or requested you to meet,never go to meet that kind of friends or loved ones who feel it difficult to serve you one cup of coffee.

6.If you have three or four days- If you have three or four days in your hands as free time,now plan it as your budget,never think to spend this time at the home of someone.Spend some time with family,try to visit at religious place with them.spend full time with kids,parents or wife.You can also plan a small tour with family or friends.
You should plan your free time according to your priorities and budget.

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