How to handle too many tasks in 24 hours?

One of the biggest frustrations many of us feel is having too much to do,but we have not enough time to do it.The problem is having too much stuff to fit into 24 hours.If we look at task management and time management,it becomes simpler.How do we fit all of the stuff we have to do in our 24 hours?Just follow these simple steps honestly:-
Simplify Your Tasks-When we realize we’re trying to fit too much stuff into 24 hours, it becomes obvious that we can’t get a bigger day with more hours.Pay attention to all the things you do today and tomorrow, and try to notice all the things you’re fitting into the 24 hours of your day.What you might realize is that you’re fitting a lot of junk into the 24 hours Toss some of that out. Ban yourself from certain tasks until you’ve done a few really important tasks.Now ask yourself which task would you do if you could only do one task today? That should be what you put your focus on next. Just that one task. You can’t do your entire list today, and you can’t do your top three tasks right now. So just focus on one important task.
Clear everything else away, and focus on that-By picking your tasks carefully, you’re taking care with the each hour of your time. You can pick important tasks or joyful ones, but you’re being conscious about the choices. You’re treating it like the precious gift that it is: limited, valuable, to be filled with the best things, and not overstuffed.
The Thought of Letting Go-You have too many things to fit into your 24 hours, and you’ve decided to only put the important and beautiful things into these hours. That means a bunch of things you think you “should” do are not going to fit.You can get to those later. Or you can not do them. Either way, they won’t fit into today’s time.This is where the thought of letting go becomes useful.Since you can’t get a bigger day, you need to adjust your ideals. The ideal you choose to have can be this: that this moment be exactly as it is. The old ideal is one that you can toss into the ocean, as it was causing frustration. Let it go with joy and relief.
The new ideal is that this moment is perfect, and it deserves to be in your available 24 hours.

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