How to create free birthday song with name(tutorial with pictures step by step)

Hello Friends in this article you will learn how to create a free birthday song with your name in nine simple steps so lets start
Step 1-go to the url


Step 2-Click on the first letter of the name.Like I want to search a name Raman so i’ll click the letter R.


Step 3-Now type the name in search box and click search.Like I typed Raman.


Step 4-Now you will see the name you searched  and click on that.


Step 5-Now after clicking on the name which you want,like i clicked on Raman you will find this page.


Step 6-Now you will find many options.Click on the option download the song. Now you will find this page.


Step 7-Fill the given characters in the box and click.


Step 8-Now your birthday song with your name will start downloading at your computer.


Step 9-Now open the downloaded song and play.


So this is the easy tutorial to download a birthday song with your name.There are thousands of names are available on this website  .I am sure  you will find your name.

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